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Israeli Soldiers Kill Two Palestinian Teens, Injure Eighteen, In Gaza

 Israeli Soldiers Kill Two Palestinian Teens, Injure Eighteen, In Gaza

Israeli forces shot and killed two Palestinian teenagers in the Gaza Strip on Friday as protests against the siege of the enclave resumed with thousands massing at the perimetre fence that borders Israel.

The Israeli army declined to comment on the deaths, but said 8,200 "rioters and demonstrators" had been protesting along the frontier.

The Israeli military said it had opened fire in response to explosives and rocks hurled at the border fence.

Since Palestinians began holding almost-daily rallies along the buffer zone in March of past year, Israeli forces have killed more than 250 Palestinians and wounded more than 25.000, including children, women, and elders, according to the Ministry of Health. The Health Ministry put his age at 18, but Mezan said he was 17.

According to an Interior Ministry release published on Saturday, Knops said the Gaza Strip and occupied West Bank would be added to the list of territories that the Dutch civil registry accepts.

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Previous Israeli statements about her murder came only from top diplomats and politicians.

"The Security Council has the responsibility and moral duty to make a clear condemnation of this barbaric murder and to act firmly against the culture of terror in the Palestinian Authority".

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed in a statement on Friday evening that "the security forces will track down those responsible for this killing and we will treat them with the full force of the law". The police did not say when the arrest took place and said the motive for the killing was still under investigation.

Meanwhile, a senior United States official said that Palestinian officials have been invited to a U.S. conference on the Middle East hosted by Poland next week where White House senior adviser Jared Kushner will discuss plans for peace between the Palestinians and Israelis.