Many children use so much toothpaste it’s unhealthy, experts warn

Many children use so much toothpaste it’s unhealthy, experts warn

Young kids may push for independence in brushing their teeth, but kids' toothpaste tastes sweet, according to the team."You don't want them eating it like food".

Although the researchers did not determine how many kids developed streaked or spotty teeth as a result of using too much toothpaste, they recommended children under three are only supposed to use a smear of toothpaste the size of a grain of rice, reported Daily Mail. Practically 40% of children ages 3 to 6 use extra toothpaste than advisable by dentists, a CDC research discovered.

Dr. Alene Marie D'Alesio, chief of pediatric dentistry at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, said that problems following brushing guidelines often arise from parents not being present alongside their children when they are brushing.

They found that almost 80 percent of parents weren't brushing their baby's teeth early enough.

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Fluoride use could help avoid tooth decay, but the CDC recommended children to begin using fluoride toothpaste at two years of age to prevent inadvertent ingestion of fluoride and the potential risk of dental fluorosis.

"What's really happening is that parents are following the rules of brushing twice a day, but they might not always be there", paediatric dentist Alene Marie D'Alesio from the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, who wasn't involved in the study, told The New York Times. This can cause dental fluorosis, white marks and discoloration of teeth. Stanford Children's Health's website noted that regardless of the brand, as long as the toothpaste contains fluoride, it should be enough to support regular dental health practices.

The concern of overusing toothpaste is the intake of fluoride. The analysis was based on data from 2013 to 2016. This new survey reveals that most babies (80 percent) are made to start brushing after the age of 1 year. The information used for the evaluation was primarily based on parents' self-reporting.

That led to the addition of fluoride to tap water, toothpaste, mouthwash and other products. The main problem is ingesting too much fluoride while the teeth are still developing.