Meghan Markle’s best friends reveal letter she wrote to dad Thomas

Meghan Markle’s best friends reveal letter she wrote to dad Thomas

The article claimed that Meghan, 37, had no relationship with her half-siblings and that she and Prince Harry tried to mend her relationship with her father, Thomas Markle, from whom she's been estranged since he missed the royal wedding in May 2018.

Onto her rumoured feud with sister-in-law Kate Middleton, which her friends of course say it is "untrue" and that all the reporting about it has "upset Meghan".

In an extraordinary interview, with USA celebrity magazine People, the five friends tackle tabloid news stories head on, giving new and intimate details about the Duchess' interactions with her father Thomas Markle.

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, looks on during a visit to the Association of Commonwealth Universities, at the University of London, Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019.

That interview led to calls for Meghan to speak to him to stop the escalating drama.

With Meghan and Harry, 34, expecting their first child this spring, Thomas has spoken out about her pregnancy.

The pregnant royal used a black marker to scrawl handwritten notes on the food parcels, such as "be strong" and "you are loved". She's so genuine in her love to connect with people and feels so grateful to be able to do that.

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One former co-star said: "Meg has silently sat back and endured the lies and untruths". Just before her marriage, it was known that Meghan's father won't be walking her down the aisle and only her mom will be attending the wedding.

They were in their teens when Meghan was born; Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, raised her on her own after she split from Thomas Sr. This is said to have frustrated Meghan because she did not want to communicate with the media. She made tea every day.

Then, "The next morning when the vehicle got there [to take him to the airport], he wouldn't get in". (Later) Meg heard he had a heart attack and she's calling and texting, even up to the night before the wedding.

One also added: 'Meg cooks for herself and Harry every single day'. It was like, 'Please pick up. Speaking of the couple's low-key life together at the palace, one of Meghan's confidantes said: "We've all been to their cottage".

"The letter said, "'Dad, I'm so heartbroken. "I love you, and I'm scared.' It was endless". She's acting.' I'll say, 'No, this is how she is, '. "Did you hear anything I said?' It's nearly like they're ships passing". They spoke to the magazine about a visit to Kensington Palace's Nottingham Cottage.

She added, "It was raining and muddy outside, so the dogs got all dirty, and she's wiping them off with towels".