Michelle Obama makes surprise Grammy Award appearance

Michelle Obama makes surprise Grammy Award appearance

"Music is so powerful".

After her second, for the song named after the superstar's aunt, Lady Gaga called the award "more than me & my family could ever dream of".

The rest of the night's surprises had more to do with losses and wins than presidential appearances. She's making history, day by day, in big ways and in small.

'Music is what we all love, music is what it's all about. "Am I right or am I right?"

Pinkett-Smith went on to speak of the importance of diversity and acceptance: "We express our pain, power, and progress through music whether we're creating it or just appreciating it".

Gaga kicked things off by sharing the familiar story of the challenges she faced trying to be an unconventional artist in a conventional industry. "They're so important and a lot of artists deal with that", she said. The look is the work of Mugler, pulled from the brand's autumn/winter 1995 haute couture show. "And music told me not to listen to them".

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According to The Hill: "Ya'll didn't think I was coming out here by myself, did you?"

Then stepped in Lopez, who said, "Back in the Bronx, music gave me a reason to dance..."

Backstage, Lopez told ET's Kevin Frazier that it came from the mind of Keys herself. "I would love to ensure the peace and the good energy in the room so that our shoulders can all drop and we can feel the true blessing of having music as a universal language".

The ladies appeared on stage to talk about the important role that music had played in their lives. "But here's what I know". Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing stories of young people I've met in the past year-young people who stand on the shoulders of the giants we celebrate this month while also building a legacy of their own.

No one gets the crowd hyped like Michelle Obama!

She tried to jump right in, but the crowd wouldn't let her, filling the room with cheers, which prompted her to crack, "We've got a show to do".