Philadelphia Eagles shouldn’t worry about Nick Foles going to the Giants

Philadelphia Eagles shouldn’t worry about Nick Foles going to the Giants

According to Ian Rapoport on Tuesday night, Nick Foles is buying himself out of his Eagles contract for the price of $2 million after the team exercised their option on him. Heading into 2019, Foles had an option for an extra year at $20 million.

If the Eagles put the franchise tag on Foles, he signs it and then refuses to agree to a new deal, the Eagles might be stuck with Foles on the roster for one year at $25 million.

Keeping Foles from the division-rival New York Giants - assuming the Giants decide to move on from Eli Manning - appears to be the biggest consideration as the Eagles toy with the idea of putting the franchise tag on him. Essentially, the Eagles are making sure they don't lose a player like Foles for nothing, since his value as a Super Bowl-winning quarterback is pretty high. And though he has a connection with John DeFilippo, most tend to believe Foles was more of a product/favorite of Eagles coach Doug Pederson as opposed to DeFilippo.

The team still has the option of placing the franchise tag on Foles and intend to do so in an effort to then try to trade him, sources on other National Football League teams who have been in touch with Philadelphia told Schefter.

The Eagles and quarterback Nick Foles have reportedly taken the first steps towards separating.

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Could Foles stay in the NFC East?

They knew Foles would void the option to try and hit the market.

The risk for the Eagles in placing the franchise tag on Foles is that if they do so and can't find a trading partner, they would be on the hook for his sizable salary.

The Eagles don't have to do that.

Wentz met with reporters last week to discuss the story, his health and the Eagles' quarterback situation.

On Sunday, for the first time since that report surfaced, Wentz addressed the struggles of his 2018 campaign and acknowledged that, at times, he may have come across as a bit selfish. Fast forward to now, and Foles' trade value is rumored to be even lower. All that for someone who most likely will be the backup quarterback, barring another Wentz injury.