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Pope Publicly Acknowledges for First Time Clergy Sexual Abuse of Nuns

Pope Publicly Acknowledges for First Time Clergy Sexual Abuse of Nuns

Pope Francis said that his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, dissolved a religious order because of the rampant sexual abuse that is happening inside the organization. Francis returned to Rome on Tuesday from the United Arab Emirates, where he presided in Abu Dhabi at the largest public Mass ever celebrated on the peninsula where Islam was born.

Last week a Vatican magazine reported on nuns aborting the children of priests And an investigation by the Associated Press previous year revealed cases of abuse of nuns in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America - cases in which the Vatican had not sufficiently punished offenders or supported victims.

Last year, the French website La Parisien reported the case of a former nun who was abused and raped by her parish priest between 2010 and 2011.

Pope Francis ordered the vehicle to stop so that the young child could deliver him the letter. The abuse was "still going on, because it's not something that just goes away like that", he added. Pope Benedict said that he terminated the order after being elected in 2005 "because slavery had become part of it (the religious order), even sexual slavery on the part of priests and the founder".

Pope Francis said sexual abuse of nuns was an ongoing problem, but happened largely in "certain congregations, predominantly new ones".

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An article written by Lucetta Scaraffia in February's edition of Women Church World, a women's magazine of the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romono, entitled "Without any touching", argues that such abuse has remained hidden within the Catholic Church, due to the "amgibuious" role of women. No mention was publicly made at the time of allegations of "sexual slavery". "But it's a path that we have already begun", he added.

Before he became pope, Benedict was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican department that investigates sexual abuse. Francis did not say by whom.

In 2013, the Community of St Jean admitted that priests had behaved "in ways that went against chastity" with several women in the order, according to the French Roman Catholic newspaper La Croix. Francis was referring to a document he signed during the trip with Sheik Ahmad el-Tayeb, grand imam of Egypt's al-Azhar mosque and university, one of the most authoritative theological and educational institutions in Islam, Reuters said.

Last year, the Associated Press news agency reported cases of abuse in Italy and Africa. It said Pope Francis "considered this pope's holiness of life, witnessed to by his works and words" and took into account "the great influence of his apostolic ministry for the Church throughout the whole world".