Reasons Why Apex Legends Is BETTER Than Call Of Duty: Blackout

Reasons Why Apex Legends Is BETTER Than Call Of Duty: Blackout

Seeing as both titles are free-to-play Battle Royale games, this is not a surprising business decision for Epic Games to make.

Have you played Apex Legends?

While Apex Legends seems to be a major priority for EA right now, a Titanfall game is still reportedly in the works. Most of those reporting the issue unsurprisingly seem to come from the United Kingdom, but there are plenty of people in Europe and in scattered areas over the U.S. seeing server issues.

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Apex Legends is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. If so, how? These are the questions that we are going to answer in this guide. Doing this should see a tick appear next to your username above your chosen Legend, replacing your Player Level.

If you haven't tried Apex Legends yet, there's obviously nothing stopping you from giving it a shot, as it's free. This can be annoying if you prefer solo play like us.

Every season in Apex Legends will last for three months, which means that season one will end in June. While the game is a traditional battle royale affair, of course, it's a somewhat different spin on the formula, as it kind of crosses Fortnite with Overwatch. The game is built and only now allows for teams of three. Once you're on the ground, all it takes is a single click to tell your team where a useful item is, where you'd like to move or where you saw an enemy. However, that was most likely because the other two people left before the start and not because of a lack of players. Indeed, Apex Legends has been topping Twitch viewing figures since its launch, and is still in pole position at the time of writing, with just shy of 140,000 viewers, considerably outstripping second-place League of Legends which is on 102,000.