Water Cooler Tesla expected to roll out 'Dog Mode'

Water Cooler Tesla expected to roll out 'Dog Mode'

In addition to keeping the right temperature from your pet, if you set your Tesla Model S ( or another one) on Dog Mode, it will also let any passers-by know that the pet inside the auto is safe. By combining the three cars, Tesla holds 9% of the market, which provides particular confidence in Tesla's success for the coming years.

The referral program that ended at the beginning of February gave new buyers six months of free charging and prizes for existing owners such as launching personal photos into deep space or invites to a Tesla event.

Tesla's plan with the Model Y is to be the best-selling SUV in the markets the company is popular in, particularly America and China.

The Tesla Model 3 will be offered in Europe for 58,800 euros which cost a lot less than the Model S which is offered for 89,000 euros in Europe.

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After tweeting about a Sentry Mode for Tesla owners to keep an eye on their vehicle when it is parked, the company is set to roll out a Dog Mode for those who like to travel with their dear pets.

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Yet despite the shaky numbers and a lackluster outlook, some say the company is on the right path. That is only a month away, and it's unsure if Musk himself would be the one to drag the curtains of the brand new automotive.

Also, Tesla is under pressure to launch the promised basic version for 35,000 dollars, which founder Elon Musk said will happen in the second half of 2019.

Musk was no longer in Norway on February 11, the spokesman said.

Yet the most shorted company in the history of the USA market somehow managed to turn things around and ramp up the Model 3 production quickly enough to report a profit for the third quarter of 2018.

The group's numbers were cut because there were no more Model 3s to deliver. Probably, Model Y might additionally do the identical within the SUV market. The $7,500 credit dropped by half for Tesla on 1 January 2019.

Like the Model X, We'll be seeing the Model Y onstage soon.