Wild rumour: Xbox Game Pass and cloud streaming coming to Nintendo Switch

Wild rumour: Xbox Game Pass and cloud streaming coming to Nintendo Switch

Xbox Game Pass and by extension the Project xCloud game streaming platform will reportedly be accessible to Switch players later this year.

You'll find that Ori and the Blind Forest is mentioned in the report above as well. If so, it's not so far-fetched to imagine Microsoft games one day being played on a Sony console or Bravia TV.

Rumour has it that Microsoft and Nintendo could be set to collaborate on bringing Xbox Game Pass and titles published under the Xbox Game Studios label (formerly Microsoft Studios) to Nintendo Switch.

But Game Informer also cites its own sources as saying that Xbox Game Pass on Switch could be announced "this year". The report was later backed up by GameInformer's Imran Khan - the reported who recently claimed that Nintendo is planning to revive a dead and buried game. So support for Project xCloud, Microsoft's grand vision for a streaming platform, may be the most likely part of the whole thing.

On top of all that, there's Microsoft's PlayFab Multiplayer Servers, which have maintained SDKs for Xbox, Windows, PlayStation, Switch, iOS, and Android despite a Microsoft buyout in early 2018.

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Two separate sources claim that Microsoft and Nintendo are working together to bring games to the portable platform.

Microsoft also has history with developing for Switch, with a version of Minecraft with cross-platform play, so it makes sense to expand that relationship.

According to JeuxVideo, Microsoft and Nintendo executives have been having regular meetings, and while their conversations are not quite finished, several decisions have already been made, including the release of both Ori and the Blind Forest and Cuphead for Switch. Microsoft has also been struggling a bit to attract as many big-name exclusives to its platform, making the walled console garden approach look even less viable for the company these days.

One of the most exciting rumors in recent years is yesterday's rumblings of Xbox games and/or Xbox Live coming to Nintendo Switch.