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16-Year-Old Swedish Climate Change Activist Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

16-Year-Old Swedish Climate Change Activist Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Her speech inspiring other students around the world to take their own action.

Every Friday, Mia and Katie Beijer hitch a ride with their mother from their home in Cantley, Parliament Hill to continue their fight for climate action.

"When you tell someone that's 16 that yes in 10 years there's going to be a climate apocalypse, and the world will become a wasteland of natural disasters ... that hits you hard", Mia Beijer told 580 CFRA. While we support, in principle, any student who wishes to make a stand about climate change, we have to concern ourselves with our practical responsibility to keep safe the young men and women who have been entrusted into our care.

"Climate change is worse than Voldemort", read one student's handmade sign in Wellington, New Zealand, referring to the evil wizard in the hugely popular Harry Potter books and films.

A 16-year-old girl has been nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of her astonishing global campaign to protect the environment.

After her first year 11 maths exam, Aisheeya will be getting the train from Western Sydney to Town Hall Station to take part in Sydney's instalment of the strikes.

Taking to Twitter, Thunberg expressed her gratitude for the nomination.

Swan Christian College student Connor Peroni, 15, said her generation would not be complacent in the destruction of the planet.

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Scottish Greens education spokesman Ross Greer said: "These courageous young people deserve to have their voices heard".

His comments came as a report showed Australia's annual carbon emissions had reached record levels, raising questions it will meet targets agreed under the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

The children have been chanting: "What do we want?"

Morning rain cleared in time for the masses to come together at 12.30pm, all with the same goal - to support an worldwide movement for governments to make changes towards preserving the planet.

"This is a lesson in itself", she said when asked about criticism of students missing school to attend.

"Young people are deeply anxious and we want our voices heard".

OR youth have an established history of climate activism. However, we do not feel that the now planned actions to address climate change are sufficient or are being implemented with the necessary urgency.