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1600 hotel guests in South Korea secretly filmed

1600 hotel guests in South Korea secretly filmed

Cameras were hidden inside TV boxes and electrical outlets, according to police, and delivered footage to a website with more than 4,000 members.

The increasing spy camera problem in Seoul has led the police to make a team of a special squad of female inspectors who will be regularly visiting the public bathrooms to look for spy cameras. The secret filming is said to have taken place between November 24 of previous year and March 2, meaning that this was ongoing until just a few weeks ago.

More than 1,500 hotel guests in South Korea were found to be unwitting performers for a community of online voyeurs in rooms carefully rigged with tiny cameras hidden in everyday objects.

Now you can stay in a motel without being secretly filmed by spy cams-or so it seems after Seoul police arrested two perpetrators behind just such an alleged scheme, the Korea Herald reports.

Thousands of women have previously protested against the raging illegal filming issue in South Korea, raising slogans like "My Life is Not Your Porn", to demand action from the authorities. In 2017, more than 6,400 cases of illegal filming were reported to police, compared to around 2,400 in 2012.

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"It was the first case we caught where videos were broadcast live online", they said in a statement.

Tens of thousands of South Korean women took to the streets in protests against the practices, under the slogan "My Life is Not Your Porn" a year ago.

Ninety-seven people reportedly purchased over 800 of the videos, generating the site operators roughly $6,200.

Police noted there's no indication that the hotels - which have not been publicly identified but have been described as smaller establishments like motels and inns - knew about the operation. Under local law, they face up to five years in jail and substantial fines.

Seoul police pledged past year to carry out regular checks of the city's 20,554 public toilets for hidden cameras.