Apex Legends: Dataminers Unravel New Characters for the Battle Royale

Apex Legends: Dataminers Unravel New Characters for the Battle Royale

Here's a story to make us feel old and (relatively) useless: EA reportedly paid one of the world's most popular steamers $1 million to help promote Apex Legends. In particular, EA supposedly approached Ninja with a massive deal, offering $1 million in exchange for coverage.

Although Kotaku was not able to independently confirm the veracity of Reuters' report, two people who have worked with Ninja said he was paid $849,992 for one event previous year.

Ninja has over 13 million followers on Twitch, meaning that anything he streams will get an astronomical amount of exposure.

Apex Legends free coins exploits are circulating again because of a new exploit found that grants players Origin Access and in turn, free Apex Coins and couple of free cosmetics.

The promotional relationship wasn't a secret-his stream was labeled as an "Apex Legends partner"-but the amount involved is staggering, particularly given that the report suggests that it was exclusively for launch day".

So while we can't predict an exact date for the new announcement to land, we can watch out for warning signs and certain days to keep an eye out.

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"This is mandatory for every country, language, or influencer that we work with".

Respawn has been relatively quiet so far about exactly what to expect from its first battle pass, so if this leak holds up it's the most detail we've heard yet.

He continued to stream and tweet about Apex Legends until about February 19, 2019, prior to his weekend vacation in LA. Dev had previously worked on Fortnite cheats, but increasingly robust anti-cheat protections and Epic's legal action against cheaters has caused many to jump over to Apex Legends.

Shortly after, the development team behind the game issued the following response.

"Legends will not be included in the Battle Pass".