Epic Games Announces More Exclusives

Epic Games Announces More Exclusives

Since Fortnite developer Epic Games launched the Epic Games Store a year ago, it has quickly snapped up several high-profile games. At a Game Informer interview, The Outer Worlds leads Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarski did confirm that it would not be exclusive to any single store (technically, it still isn't but you get the point).

Remedy's ambitious new sci-horror shooter IP Control is another big one crossing over (it too has been on Steam for a long while). It will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store and Windows Store until 12 months after release.

"It's really about your games, and not about the store you sell it on", said Steve Allison, head of the Epic Games Store.

At its GDC 2019 keynote, Epic announced a partnership with the subscription-bundles-for-charity Humble Store to sell keys to Epic games - most notably, giving gamers an alternative to buying exclusives like Metro Exodus and upcoming The Sinking City directly from Epic.

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Today, Epic Games - the creator of the mega-smash hit battle royale game Fortnite - announced that it will offer a new set of free developer tools to game-makers of all kinds.

We could expect all singleplayer-driven games from Private Division to come to the Epic Store since games like The Outer Worlds don't have live services or microtransactions.

Behold the real reason publishers and devs bring their games to the Epic Store: money.