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Fears for children caught in Nigerian school building collapse

Fears for children caught in Nigerian school building collapse

A mammoth crowd of sympathisers have joined parents of pupils and families of residents trapped inside the rubbles of a three-storeyed building which collapsed in Lagos, Wednesday morning.

A Reuters reporter at the scene saw a boy of 10 being pulled from the rubble covered in dust but with no visible injuries. But another child was pulled out and slung over a rescuer's shoulder, limp and dangling.

People gather around an ambulance at the site of a collapsed building containing a school in Nigeria's commercial capital of Lagos, Nigeria March 13, 2019. A yellow excavator scooped at the ruins.

Emotional, a number of shirtless men jumped in to offer assistance, hacksaws and mallets in hand.

Tragedy struck, as the three storey building housing a school collapsed, killing and trapping many.

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The cause of the collapse is yet to be ascertained.

The structure is reported to be a residential building with several apartments.

Sani Datti, a spokesman with Nigeria's National Emergency Management Agency, said officials from the agency and other emergency services were at the site.

Materials are often sub-standard and there is weak enforcement of regulations, correspondents say.