Google Chrome Lite Pages extended to HTTPS pages as well

Google Chrome Lite Pages extended to HTTPS pages as well

My current data savings are around one percent due to the numerous websites now running HTTPS; that number should shoot up with this update in Chrome 73 (which should hit Google Play in the coming days).

If you have Dark Mode enabled in macOS Mojave, you will see Chrome automatically switch to a dark theme.

Android Q has finally arrived in its initial testing phases via Beta 1 and one of the biggest expected features, a system-wide dark mode, seems to have arrived in an nearly entirely dysfunctional state.

If you have dark mode enabled in your Mac's settings (open up System Preferences General, then select "Dark" by the Appearance option) then the theme should do its thing, if you have the latest version of Chrome installed. A few widely reported benefits of using dark mode include reduced eye strain, longer battery life for your device and even improved sleep. The number "73" is just the version number and isn't some new browser that Google released.

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In addition to the wider support for PIP mode, Chrome 73 will also let developers add hardware media key support to web apps. As for the Dark mode in the macOS version, it looks very similar to how Chrome looks when used in incognito mode. Signed HTTP exchanges and constructible style sheets are among the other features arriving with Chrome browser's latest build.

Chrome 73.0.3683.75 is now available for download for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. The rollout of Chrome 73 is staged and will soon reach users on the aforementioned platforms. Meanwhile, "Lite" pages are marked to the left of the Omnibar with a blue speedometer icon and text. If not, you can also go to Chrome - About Google Chrome and trigger the update manually.

Making matters more confusing, some have reported that dark mode turns on when battery savings features are activated.