Halo: The Master Chief Collection Likely Won't Be a Play Anywhere Game

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Likely Won't Be a Play Anywhere Game

During a live stream of the Halo Champion Series Invitational, Microsoft's corporate vice president and head of 343 industries, Bonnie Ross, made a comment that seemed to dash hopes of The Master Chief Collection coming to the Play Anywhere lineup.

This new Halo Insider Program will replace the MCC Insider Program that 343 used to test Halo: The Master Chief Collection's numerous updates on Xbox One.

First of all, we learned that the PC version won't support cross play with Xbox One at launch.

The release of The Master Chief Collection on PC is set to be a staggered one, with the newly announced remaster of Halo: Reach set to be the first game to arrive.

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Brian Jarrard, commenting as Reddit user ske7ch343 during a Halo-themed AMA thread, stated "we are working closely with the members of the modding community (...) to explore our options for "official" mod support, but we won't have this at launch". "All stats, achievements, Forged maps, and game variants will be shared between all of the games within MCC". However, 343 Industries reiterated tday that players will be able purchase each title one-by-one when they're released, or wait until the collection is complete to buy the full bundle.

Unfortunately, there's no concrete information about this game's actual launch date available with us. "Mid mission saves will be unique to each platform and can not be shared", the team explained. But the team would love to hear feedback on this and as we get further down the road, it's something I think we're going to have to evaluate, and if it's something that the community wants and makes sense, I think the team wants to make it happen. The collection originally came out in 2014 for Xbox One.

The studio is still deciding on how armour pieces will be earned in game, though it won't include loot boxes or microtransactions. If you are accepted and are called upon but do not participate, it would mean that 343 Industries may not invite you back on future testing periods.

The entire reason The Master Chief Collection is coming to Steam is predicated on two things: maximum accessibility/reach across the world's biggest PC platform and game sales.