Netflix Won't Be a Part of Apple's New Service

Netflix Won't Be a Part of Apple's New Service

Netflix is yet to adopt the most recent revamp of Apple's TV app for iOS, hence the Hasting's statement is not really unsurprising.

As big tech and entertainment giants like Apple and Disney roll out new streaming TV services later this year to rival existing players like Netflix and HBO, it's certainly leaving consumers with a dizzying array of choices to pick from in order to get their streaming fix. According to him, Netflix has chosen not to integrate with their (Apple) service.

Defending Netflix's decision of not adopting Apple TV as yet, Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer at the content-streaming platform said that their intentions have been moving away from the App Store subscription fees, the report said. That's in addition to the original programming that we know Apple has been working hard to develop for their subscribers.

"We've been competing with 500 channels of cable and penetrated almost every household in the world for a long time", he declared with no small air of dismissal that Netflix could be heading the way of Napster as the new kids on the block begin launching. "You do your best job when you have great competitors", Hastings said.

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Neither Netflix nor Apple immediately responded to requests for comment.

"If you look at just the raw number of users, Apple has just as good of an opportunity to be a leader as Netflix".

On being asked about Netflix's China plans, Hastings said he expected Netflix, like other USA technology companies, to be blocked in China for quite a while.

According to this new report, 43% of consumers also still split their loyalties and subscribe to both streaming and conventional pay television services.