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Rescue, evacuations continue in eastern Nebraska

Rescue, evacuations continue in eastern Nebraska

The National Weather Service said record crests were possible along the rivers, with water levels forecast to continue to rise over the next several days and remain above flood stage through most of the weekend.

The Grand River Conservation Authority is issuing the following combined Flood Warning/Flood Watch message.

"We are closely monitoring the situation".

"Please avoid using low lying footpaths near local watercourses".

As rivers and creeks in flooded eastern Nebraska and western Iowa crest Saturday, officials have begun looking downstream at likely flooding further south along the Missouri River. The flooding was the worst in almost a decade in places.

The storm, which contributed to the deaths of a utility worker in Texas and a Colorado State Patrol officer, dropped heavy rain as it moved east across the central Plains.

Grand River (City of Brantford and Six Nations): Flows are expected to peak in the Grand River through the City of Brantford on Friday evening.

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Flooding is also common across Iowa, with numerous roads statewide closed.

On Friday, the National Weather Service office in Omaha, Nebraska, was forced to evacuate due to river flooding. The state's emergency operations center has already been activated.

The storm also spawned at least three tornadoes in MI and in on Thursday, according to the National Weather Service.

Flooding is also common if somewhat less widespread in parts of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and South Dakota in particular. "Widespread and extremely risky flooding will continue today and tonight", the National Weather Service office in Omaha wrote in an update Friday morning. "I have no place to go", said Dale Chaney of Percival.

The NWS has warned residents that flash flooding can be deadly and has issued warnings and advice for those who live in affected areas.

More information can be found on the GRCA's website. Even if they are well back from a known water source, the location might be the last, best spot to turn around.