Slacks Gets a Dark Mode - How to Activate It?

Slacks Gets a Dark Mode - How to Activate It?

The dark mode for Slack is now being rolled out to beta testers on both iOS and Android devices, The Verge reported.

Slack, the popular team-based messaging application has finally released a new update where it enables a long-awaited feature, the Dark Mode.

The popularity of the dark mode option in smartphone apps has been growing, while a confirmation by Google also suggested it directly affects battery life. With OLED displays becoming more popular, Dark Mode helps in saving battery on these smartphones. Now with the flagship Facebook app too turning all white, many are likening the same to be the first step before the dark mode makes it to the app as well.

Unfortunately, users of Slack's desktop app will have to keep waiting for their own night mode, as this particular update is exclusive to mobile users for the time being. You will notice that dark mode is applied to menus, pop-ups, and the headers.

No wonder every company is eager to see it being sensible to people's concerns and is offering the same as part of the latest updates for several apps.

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After approval, you need to refresh the app.

You can enable YouTube's dark mode on the web (for the current browser only) by clicking your avatar, then Dark theme. Apparently more dark mode colour options might be on the way. It's relatively easy to set up but could take a little while longer to activate than any of the modes above. It's really simple to become a beta tester for this workplace collaboration app, since all you have to do is go into your app settings. You can do so by going here for iOS, and here for Android.

This feature is not only tested on iOS but also on Android.

As you probably know, dark mode has become one of the most requested features for almost every app on both iOS and Android.