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Stage 4 loadshedding to continue on Wednesday, says Eskom

Stage 4 loadshedding to continue on Wednesday, says Eskom

"Stage 4 means Eskom can ignore the agreement and load shed all our pumping stations supplied directly by them", Mohale said.

Stage 2 calls for 2 000 megawatts, stage 3 calls for 3 000 megawatts, and stage 4 calls for 4 000 megawatts to be rotationally load-shed nationally at a given period.

There is no power from Mozambique's Cahora-Bassa hydroelectric generation station.

With burst boiler tubes in eight units at three power stations, a planned strike on the horizon and uncertainty over the reliability of ageing plants where little maintenance has been done, Eskom is on the ropes.

Mohale said Rand Water had an agreement with Eskom that its pumps would be the last to be blacked out during electricity shortages.

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This means within the boiler, we have kilometres of pipes and we have developed holes and those are biting us big time and we have eight units now down just on boiler tube leaks.

South Africa is now in Stage 4 load shedding due to a shortage in capacity which could potentially last until Wednesday.

Some businesses say that if the situation doesn't change soon they will need to close, putting workers on the street. "If that money was not spent on maintenance the question is what was that money spent on?"

To lighten the burden on load-shedding on South Africans - Eskom is working with municipalities, business and other customers to better "orchestrate" load-shedding to cause the least amount of damage Gordhan said. "At the end of the day we don't want to get to a scenario where we go beyond stage four", the minister said.