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Swiss cities retain top quality of life status

Swiss cities retain top quality of life status

Worldwide human resources consulting firm Mercer's quality of living survey indicated both cities retained their global ranking, despite the current global economic climate being dominated by trade tensions and populist undercurrents.

The American consulting company Mercer has published an annual ranking of world cities in terms of quality of life.

In 34th place, San Francisco was named the best city to live in in the USA, while Detroit was the lowest ranking US city in 72nd place.

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Vancouver, at number 3, is the best-ranked city in North America, the same survey shows, while Washington DC (53rd) is the biggest faller. London remained the highest-ranked overall at 44th despite coming last in Britain in a separate personal safety ranking. Western Europe dominates this ranking, however Brussels (47th place) falls considerably between 2005 and 2019 due to terrorist attacks, and Greece (102nd place) also takes a dive due to its slow recovery from the global financial crisis.

In Asia, Singapore has the highest quality of living at 25th place, followed by Tokyo and Kobe (joint 49th). Caracas, however, saw living standards drop following significant political and economic instability. Helsinki, Finland, and Basel, Bern, and Zürich all in Switzerland follow in joint second. Notably, Phom Penh is considered the city with the lowest quality of living in Asia. Seoul jumped two places from 2017 after their political stability returned when their president was arrested a year ago. In the Middle East region, Dubai ranked 74, Damascus ranked 225 and Sanaa ranked 229.

In Africa, Port Louis (83) was the city with the best quality of living and also its safest (59). Gambia's progress towards a democratic political system, alongside improved global relations and human rights meant that Banjul (179) not only had the most improved quality of living in Africa, but also in the world, rising six places this year. This year, Mercer provides a separate ranking on personal safety.