The world's dirtiest air is in India, East Asia News & Top Stories

The world's dirtiest air is in India, East Asia News & Top Stories

The other cities in India that made the list of 20 were Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Bhiwadi, Noida, Patna, Lucknow, Jodhpur, Muzaffarpur, Varanasi, Moradabad, Agra, Gaya and Jind.

India is home to 15 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world, they said.

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Delhi remains the most polluted capital across the world in 2018, as per a study conducted by the environment NGO Greenpeace. PM2.5 pollutants can enter deep inside the lungs and bloodstream of humans and have an adverse effect on their health. The report said Delhi was the most polluted capital in the world. Delhi ranked 11 on the list of polluted cities, with an average PM 2.5 concentration in 2018 at 113.5 micrograms per cubic metre. Since many cities, particularly in Africa, do not have up-to-date public air quality information, the actual number of cities exceeding PM2.5 thresholds is expected to be much higher, the report authors said. While, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Bahrain and Kuwait topped the chart, countries like Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Australia and Sweden were among the least polluted as per the 2018's World Air Quality Report.

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Air pollution will take an estimated seven million lives globally in the next year, while costing the world's economy almost 225 billion Dollars, the Greenpeace said.

"Air pollution steals our livelihoods and our futures", said Yeb Sano, executive director of Greenpeace Southeast Asia.

"In addition to human lives lost, there's an estimated cost of US$225 billion (S$305 billion) in lost labour, and trillions in medical costs". Data from a selection of validated outdoor IQAir AirVisual air quality monitors operated by private individuals and organisations have also been included.