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TOO FAR? Minnesota Democrats Seeking 'Primary Challenger' to Run Against Ilhan Omar

TOO FAR? Minnesota Democrats Seeking 'Primary Challenger' to Run Against Ilhan Omar

"Full Frontal" host Samantha Bee came to the defense of freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar this week, saying that Democrats "threw her under the bus" regarding her anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Speaking on a panel last month in Washington, Omar, a Democrat, discussed the backlash to her use of what many have described as anti-Semitic tropes in her criticism of Israel and some pro-Israel American lobbyists.

"Some Minnesota Democrats, aghast at controversial comments made by Rep".

Democratic Party officials interviewed by The Hill said they have not yet decided on an alternative candidate, but "frustrations are mounting".

State Sen. Ron Latz (D), who represents part of Omar's district and has accused her of making herself look like "a pariah", said there's "definitely some buzz going around" about a challenger. Bobby Joe Champion and Minneapolis City Councilwoman Andrea Jenkins, according to The Hill. In particular, she questioned if some members of Congress have a "dual loyalty" to the United States and Israel.

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However, Democrats decided not to name Omar personally in the language of the resolution, which several Republicans opposed as a "watered-down, half-hearted effort", Fox News reports.

The House chose to vote on a resolution last week to condemn anti-Semitism in response to Omar's comments.

Bee also pointed out that Omar is just one of a group of freshman representatives that are not satisfied with the status quo and have brought to the forefront a number of hard and long-overdue conversations, including that of Israel and Palestine, and she encouraged Democrats to take control of that conversation.

"When I talk about places like Saudi Arabia or Israel or even now with Venezuela, I'm not criticizing the people", Omar said in a recent appearance on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah."

Latz, who supported Omar's rival in the 2018 Democratic primary, said the freshman Democrat should be anxious.