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Trump responds to claims Melania has a body double

Trump responds to claims Melania has a body double

President Trump ripped a conspiracy theory suggesting his wife Melania sometimes uses a body double to make appearances - and blamed the media in the process.

However, after almost three years, the President has responded to the rumours.

"They are only getting more deranged with time!" said Trump. "I watched the President and First Lady hug, listen to and comfort people who had lost everything".

Co-host Sunny Hostin noted that Melania Trump "is a very tall, statuesque woman" yet looked "kind of short" in Alabama.

Grisham also tweeted about the show, calling it "shameful".

The freakish theory, which has cropped up repeatedly throughout Trump's term in office, suggests that a body double for Melania accompanies the U.S. president at certain events, most recently a visit to survivors of a tornado in Alabama.

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"If our first lady, if I were a Democrat instead of a Republican, she'd be Jackie O times twenty".

As Snopes wrote in 2017, one of the more widely circulated images looks different because it was filmed while it aired on TV. Hosts of the ABC programme debated whether an impostor had travelled with Trump.

Bruce, who is president of Independent Women's Voice, elaborated on the "mean girl environment" that led to the popular movie Mean Girls.

This theory/meme/genuine mystery was brought into the limelight once again this week, as one journalist went as far as to say that it was "100% not Melania Trump" who Trump could be seen holding hands with.

"Yesterday's show went beyond the petty, mean-girl spirit that we've grown accustomed to", she added.

"People died, people lost family and people are hurting in Alabama", Grisham continued in her statement.