Windows 10 will now automatically uninstall system updates causing stability issues

Windows 10 will now automatically uninstall system updates causing stability issues

As described by Microsoft, the Windows Update Catalog is created to provide updates for all now supported operating systems, providing users with access to device drivers, hotfixes, updated system files, service packs, and new Windows features downloads. The first is to try and regain trust after the October 2019 Update (1809) had to be recalled following a raft of compatibility and file integrity issues.

To ensure that your device can start up and continue running as expected, Windows will also prevent problematic updates from installing automatically for the next 30 days.

Windows Update will now automatically uninstall problematic patches and drivers.

Update KB4492310 increases the OS build number to 18351.7, and according to the changelog released by Microsoft, it resolves an issue causing the Chinese version of the operating system to experience gaming issues with several titles.

There is an option to override an uninstall, but Microsoft warns that if your computer fails to start as a result, it will automatically remove it again.

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In the ongoing saga of trying to mitigate the potential problems caused by speculative execution exploits like Spectre and Meltdown (and the fixes to those fixes) Microsoft has a new Windows patch called KB4482887.

As an extra security measure, Microsoft will further stop Windows from downloading updates for the next 30 days.

The removal of updates is not something that Microsoft takes lightly. This will give Microsoft and our partners the opportunity to investigate the failure and fix any issues. But considering it's only done after all other fixes have failed, recovering from one may still be a very time-consuming process.

Microsoft are now working on a fix for the issue, so we suggest holding out on updating your system until we get the "all clear". After 30 days, Windows will again try to install the updates.