Apple Potentially Cashing In Over $500M For Arcade Subscription

Apple Potentially Cashing In Over $500M For Arcade Subscription

A new report from the Financial Times claims Apple is throwing big bucks to set up a robust Apple Arcade library, potentially even enticing developers with bonuses to make their titles temporary exclusives to the service before rolling out versions for Android. In March, the company announced its foray into the video game subscription service with Apple Arcade, promising around 100 exclusive titles to its devices. Sources also say that the advance money that Apple is paying developers "more than cover the cost of developing a typical indie game".

The pay-monthly subscription service will allow users access to 100 new gaming titles, all of which will feature no adverts or additional in-app purchases, and all can be played offline.

Apple Arcade is a mobile and Mac gaming subscription service that promises to bring the best games on the App Store to subscribers for free.

When Will Apple Arcade Launch? Which still doesn't have a launch date other than the understanding that it's coming later this year, but it seems that the iPhone maker has chose to spend several hundred million dollars on more than 100 games, for a total spend of more than $500 million on this offering that users will pay a monthly fee for. A firm release date is still to be confirmed.

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Of course, both Sony and Microsoft also have competing subscription services in PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass.

If users see their favorite YouTuber streaming a game, they can click the "play now" button' and, within seconds, it will boot up right on their screen.

Apple Arcade was unveiled last month at an event in Cupertino, California, where Hollywood celebrities including Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg touted its TV+ platform. Last month, Apple announced that the Apple Arcade will go live later this year.

Although Apple Arcade is a bit of a moonshot on Apple's part, many industry analysts have been predicting that subscriptions are the future of mobile gaming.