Buss gave Magic Johnson permission to fire Walton at end of season

Buss gave Magic Johnson permission to fire Walton at end of season

In a press conference with reporters, Johnson explained he was "happier" before he took on the position.

"I'm told Kyrie Irving will grant the Lakers an interview this offseason, this summer", Smith said on his radio show. I thought about Dwyane Wade retiring tomorrow and I can't even tweet that out. "It's the right thing to do, the right move to make". The Hall of Fame point guard is looking forward to again becoming an ambassador of the league and figurehead in the local community.

Though in doing so, Johnson also hinted at potential unrest within the organization. "What I didn't like is the backstabbing and the whispering", he said. "I don't like that".

"Either they were going to get rid of one, get rid of both, or have Magic scale back and get rid of Pelinka". "There's a lot of that that goes on, so I'm just going to leave it at that".

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"This is the guy that was like: "Okay, I don't want to be a head coach anymore so screw it, I don't want to work hard to be a talk show host anymore so screw it", and now he doesn't want to do the work required to be an National Basketball Association executive".

Johnson strongly hinted during his press conference that he planned to fire head coach Luke Walton after the team's final regular season game on Tuesday night but that will not happen now.

Johnson and Pelinka, Kobe Bryant's former agent, didn't know each other before they were paired by Buss, but Johnson said he worked well with Pelinka.

Buss didn't attend Tuesday's game at Staples Center and spent the rest of the evening meeting with Rob Pelinka, chief financial officer Joe McCormack, chief operating officer Tim Harris and manager of special projects Linda Rambis at the Lakers' headquarters in El Segundo. With only two years of on the job experience, Pelinka would at least benefit from a more seasoned and well-regarded executive to work with or under. "I'm not disappointed with anything I did, any trade I made, none of that".