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Climate change protesters aim for arrests as demonstration gets underway in London

Climate change protesters aim for arrests as demonstration gets underway in London

More than 100 Norwich branch members of environmental group Extinction Rebellion's travelled to London today to block five of the cities busiest roads and demand government action on climate change.

The protests are being led by the British climate group Extinction Rebellion and will involve demonstrations in 33 countries around the world over the coming days.

Social media was awash with pictures and videos of activists blocking the streets of Oxford Circus, Waterloo Bridge, Marble Arch, and Parliament Square with banners and sculptures, including a massive pink boat sporting the words: "Tell the Truth".

On Monday, as thousands of demonstrators clogged the streets of central London to trumpet their concerns about climate change, some went even further, gluing themselves to street furniture.

At least, Waterloo Bridge was unwittingly pedestrianised.

"Suddenly, what Extinction Rebellion has done is actually say: 'we are doing this.' And the state is so weak through austerity that they can't stop us".

On Tuesday, the Metropolitan police said it had arrested 113 protesters overnight but demonstrators said all four sites remained under their control. "You can't just put a load of trees on Waterloo Bridge!"

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"We respect the right of everyone to express their point of view, we only ask that they do so with their safety and the safety of others in mind", a Shell spokeswoman said by email.

He said: "We are here tonight to declare that we do not wish to be at war".

What are the group's demands?

Environmental protesters smashed the windows of oil company Shell's headquarters in London and several people have been arrested.

Last night police imposed conditions on the protesters, restricting them to gathering in the area around Marble Arch.

The Metropolitan Police have said they have "appropriate" plans in place and that officers will be used "to support the public order operation during the coming weeks".

Extinction Rebellion said: "The global rebellion begins and Extinction Rebellion will be bringing London to a standstill for up to two weeks".