Facebook Might Make Messenger Chats Available in its App

Facebook Might Make Messenger Chats Available in its App

At the very least, Facebook testing this feature out gives us a peek into how Zuck's mind has changed with regard to messaging and Facebook's "family of apps" overall.

As per a report by The Verge, app researcher Jane Manchun Wong saw a feature now in testing which integrates Messenger with the native Facebook app under a new "Chats" section. For that reason, Facebook will not shut down this app completely.

You may remember that Facebook spurned off Messenger way back in 2011 where it was originally called Facebook Chat. Those features might appear in a future update, but Wong says she believes the Messenger app and Chats "serve different markets".

Last month saw Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talk about his vision for a privacy-focused platform, which included the previously announced plans to integrate the messaging services of Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Wong still has to use the Messenger app to send photos, react to messages or make calls. When tapped it revealed a "Chats" section, which provided basic messaging functions.

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This likely does not mean the end of Messenger and the bundling of everything into one monster app. Two years later, Facebook overhauled the messaging platform, and in 2014 it split from Facebook as a standalone Messenger app for mobile devices. Each service is expected to remain as a standalone app, while the underlying infrastructure will be rebuilt. The app is being redesigned by the developers and they are experimenting with the new features of the app.

He added that "tens of millions" of Android users who use Messenger as their default app would benefit from having end-to-end encryption enabled as a default. But perhaps Facebook is looking forward to reunifying the app with its primary Facebook app.

"As you would expect, there is a lot of discussion and debate as we begin the long process of figuring out all the details of how this will work", Facebook said in a statement per The New York Times.