Final production C7 Corvette, a 2019 Z06, to be auctioned in June

Final production C7 Corvette, a 2019 Z06, to be auctioned in June

Technical details were not announced, but the teaser website for the new auto says that "The Next Generation Corvette is the most anticipated Corvette ever". "The sale of this iconic (and final C7) Corvette will help the foundation continue its good work, and pave the way for the Next Generation Corvette that we will introduce on July 18". It is the first time Chevrolet has confirmed the C8 Corvette's existence and the first official images outside of spy shots.

GM did not reveal the location or the reason for the July 18 removal of the C8 camouflage.

Previewing the reveal, General Motors released a photo showing GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra standing next to a camouflaged, next-generation Corvette on Thursday in NY. Corvettes haven't used DOHC engines since the short-lived ZR1 version of the C4 Corvette.

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While Chevrolet is keeping mum on any specifications for the next few months, we know plenty about the C8's powertrains and have even seen glimpses of its interior thanks to our intrepid spy photographers. A supercar positioned mid-engine V8, a naturally aspirated version on the entry-level model and a twin turbocharged version on what is now being called the C8 Z06.

We've known for some time now, that the C8 Corvette will break tradition and go for a dual-clutch transmission instead of a manual or an automatic.

We hear Chevrolet will hold the line on pricing for the 2020 Corvette, despite its monumental philosophical shift and abundance of new technology. Chevrolet calls this next-generation model "the most anticipated Corvette ever".