Forza Street Announced And Released On PC, Coming To Mobile

Forza Street Announced And Released On PC, Coming To Mobile

The game is now available to download for PC. Microsoft today officially announced Forza Street, a free-to-play racing game that's out now for Windows 10 users, but will expand to Android and iOS phones and tablets later this year.

Update: The official announcement is up on Xbox Wire, and Microsoft confirmed that the iOS and Android versions of Forza Street are coming later this year.

Street isn't a typical entry in the Forza franchise though - or, at least, it doesn't sound like one because we haven't played it yet. We're not sure what al has changed in the transition to Forza, but fortunately it's still free to play.

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Count up all of the Forza Motorsport and Horizon offshoots and you'll see that Microsoft has released a total of 11 versions of the Forza video game series.

Forza Street is already available for Windows 10 devices.

Forza Street is mainly aimed at casual gamers. Microsoft says it is designed for “racing on the go with streamlined controls that focus on timing of gas, brake, and boost”. According to the store listing, you'll need 3.85 GB of storage, 4GB of RAM and a DirectX11-enabled GPU to play it on your PC. "Whether players want to squeeze in a quick one-minute race or get immersed in a story campaign, every race is a chance to earn a performance icon from an ever-growing list of incredible cars, turning your garage into a trophy case".