‘Game of Thrones’ hits a new ratings high with season 8 premiere

‘Game of Thrones’ hits a new ratings high with season 8 premiere

After last night's premiere, we have five more episodes of Game of Thrones,. I should know, I was one of 'em. The May cover star of the magazine specifically cited that he wore high heels while filming the episode "Battle of the Bastards" in season six of the wildly popular drama.

Which begs the question: How will Bran get even? The Season 8 premiere number also topped the show's Season 7 finale, which had captured the attention of 12.1 million viewers. This almost 18-minute video goes to great lengths to show how the final season of the epic, award-winning drama came together, highlighting the talented cast and crew that put in grueling hours to make it all possible. Weiss EP'd multiple Emmy victor based on George R.R. Martin's writings actually debuted much later than the series had in past years.

HBO dropped a short, 50-second promo trailer after the season eight premiere giving a small but delicious glimpse of what's to come with hardcore fans likely to pore over in minute detail.

When Jon Snow takes Daenerys off to a snowy waterfall to presumably have some sexy times, it's a reference to Jon and Ygritte's cave (used for the same purposes) back in Season 3, episode 5.

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"Game of Thrones" ultimately averaged 32.8 million viewers per episode last season in cumulative TV and online viewership, HBO said.

HBO GO and HBO Now were clearly a big help with Game of Thrones making viewership history with the premiere. Who do you think will sit atop the Iron Throne once all is said and done?

Bran's poker face keeps haunting Jaime and people eventually made the only surviving Stark boy - the meme king.