George R.R. Martin Reflects On "Game Of Thrones" Final Season

George R.R. Martin Reflects On

Kit Harington, better known as Jon Snow or The King in the North, recently made his Saturday Night Live debut and was bombarded with Game of Thrones related questions, surprisingly (mostly) from his Game of Thrones co-stars.

And while many remain thirsty for that new Winds Of Winter joint - almost ten years deep, and winter still hasn't come - George has taken a moment to reflect on the upcoming final season of Game Of Thrones. The show's latest teaser nearly suggests the Night King will win out in the end. "I know it's an end, but it's not much of an end for me", he admits. "Actors Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, a.k.a. the Mother of Dragons, and Peter Dinklage, the fan favorite Tyrion Lannister". "I'm still deep in writing the books", he said.

The unprecedented estimates for season eight viewership would make Game of Thrones the most successful TV programme in history by a long way.

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It goes even further when you look at more general ties to Game of Thrones versus something more specific. "I mean we didn't save everything and you kept telling me, 'Oh, I'm the King of the North, we can order Uber Eats every night.'"Honey, don't worry, we'll be OK", Kit replied".

A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin and Ned Stark actor Sean Bean both made epic cameos on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. After one banner was taken down anonymously, they put a new one up instead that read, "The white walkers took down the banners ... but we will not be silenced", referring to electric blue-eyed undead zombies threatening to kill all things alive in Game of Thrones.

The banners' idea came to Al-Timrawi as he was recently watching re-runs in anticipation of the final season which will be broadcast in the UAE on April 15.