Google & Huawei Agree to Pay Damages to its Nexus 6P Users

Google & Huawei Agree to Pay Damages to its Nexus 6P Users

Back in the year 2015-2016, some Nexus 6P users reportedly faced problems of never-ending boot-loops because of the faulty chipsets. If the court approves the settlement at the next hearing on May 9th, Nexus 6P users in the United States who purchased the device on or after September 25th, 2015 would be eligible to claim reimbursement.

For the record, Google and Huawei are still denying the Nexus 6P was inherently defective, and those who accept the settlement are in effect waiving their rights to lodge any case against the two companies concerning these claims in the future. Besides, the Nexus 6P was Google's smartphone, which was manufactured by Huawei. The battery drain issue refers to the device spontaneously shutting down.

Google and Huawei have decided that they will pay $400 as a class action settlement to Google Nexus 6P owners. That's merely a formality, though, which will be followed by the publication of a dedicated website where you'll be able to make a claim.

As previously noted, there are many Nexus 6P users who are complaining about the bootloop mode and the battery drain issue. And if you experienced either issue on a replacement Nexus 6P as well, Google and Huawei (the phone's actual manufacturer) are liable to pay you up to $400. Moreover, those who submit proper documentation for the bug will receive the large settlement amount, while those without any documentation may be eligible for up to $75.

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So, if you did own a faulty Nexus 6P and maybe still have all the necessary documentation to prove it was buggy, keep your eyes on the lawsuit.

The settlement is all depending on the court for the approval, but it seems that it's going to happen anytime soon.

The proposal now states that those who are eligible for the settlement could be paid up to $400 for their faulty device, while those who received a Pixel XL in a prior warranty exchange program would only be eligible for up to $10.

Unfortunately, because the terms of the settlement include a fixed amount of money, the number of people who will submit a valid claim is the deciding factor of the exact compensation owed to each individual user.