Google Play Store 14.5.2 APK Update Improves the Boot Time

Google Play Store 14.5.2 APK Update Improves the Boot Time

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If you ever wanted to download an app or a mobile game on an Android-powered smartphone, then you surely know just how important it is for the Google Play Store to run at peak performance levels. Just ensure that you are downloading the correct system image for your device.

The inclusion of Click Fraud as a PHA led to the doubling of the PHA install rate from Google Play to 0.04% in 2018 from 0.02% in 2017.

Unlike the Google Play Store, customers and do not have to login or sign up to this app store. Google Play Services is a managing app that handles all the installed Google applications on your Android smartphone. The application can not be downloaded official you from the Google Play Store because it has been banned from there.

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Also, if this all seems like nonsense, you can head over to the Google listing for "Use your Android phone's built-in security key" and follow the directions to make it happen. Nevertheless, the Android phone accessing the 2FA security feature needs to be running on Android 7.0 or above. Also, Google has fixed the issue that was resetting the permissions of installed apps.

At Google Cloud Next 2019 event held in San Francisco, Google announced that it will add an option to use Android phone's built-in security key for two-step verification to protect against phishing. The feature is now enabled by default on all new Android phones. Users can activate this security method right this minute.

Google has yet to comment on this issue.

With that being said, it should come as no surprise that the Android parent is updating Google Play Services on a regular basis. That sounds especially helpful if you find yourself in a situation where your hands might be busy (wink, wink), and the last thing you want is your mobile device breaking the mood with its loud ringing. And as of December, 95% of active Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL models were running a security update no older than 90 days.As Android turned 10 past year, Google continued to make strides in its efforts to improve Android security and privacy. The app was getting web data from user phones.