Health Alert: Resistant ‘superbug’ outbreak, India among infected countries

Health Alert: Resistant ‘superbug’ outbreak, India among infected countries

Since then, the fungus has spread not just to the U.S., but also numerous other countries, including Colombia, India, and South Korea, according to the CDC.

The man at Mount Sinai died after 90 days in the hospital, but C. auris did not. In the USA, patients in IL and New Jersey have also been reported, as well as others in NY.

Typically, candida auris affects people with weakened immune systems who are in the hospital or have severe illnesses, according to the CDC.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the U.S., 90 per cent of Candida auris infections are resistant to at least one such antifungal drug, while 30 per cent are resistant to two or more major drugs.

In this country, the large majority of cases are in the NY and New Jersey metro area.

Dr. Lynn Sosa, an expert on epidemiology, said she sees Candida Auris as the most serious and significant threat among drug-resistant infections: "It's invincible and hard to diagnose", said Dr. Sosa, who says almost half of patients who die, may die within 90 days. Some 41% of the Spanish hospital patients affected died within 30 days of being diagnosed.

In the United Kingdom, an intensive care unit had to shut down after they found 72 people there were infected with candida auris, and in Spain, a hospital found 372 patients had the fungus.

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In both cases, the infections seemed to be imported from overseas as there were no reports of a Candida auris outbreak from Singapore, the report said.

"So far, most of the cases have occurred in patients with weakened immune systems such as very low birthweight premature infants, the elderly who have had complicated surgery, or patients undergoing chemotherapy", he told The New Paper, adding that there is nearly no chance of it becoming a Sars-type epidemic.

FOX 13 News reports this story from Tampa, Florida. In 2013, researchers reported on another drug-resistant fungus called Aspergillus and observed that it existed in places where a pesticide that targeted that specific fungus was used.

Many of these patients had other serious illnesses which likely contributed to the deaths, she said. Oliver Wilkinson, a spokesman for the Royal Brompton Hospital, a hospital where C. auris had spread in 2015, said "there was no need to put out a news release during the outbreak".

[Image: courtesy of CDC] The CDC is recommending that laboratories and healthcare facilities with suspected cases immediately contact the CDC-along with state and local health authorities-for guidance. "In this situation, multiple antifungal medications at high doses may be needed to treat the infection", the CDC said.

They also urged healthcare institutions to consider including C. auris in their screening protocols and further strengthen infection control measures.