In video, Ghosn says he is innocent, victim of backstabbing:The Asahi Shimbun

In video, Ghosn says he is innocent, victim of backstabbing:The Asahi Shimbun

Ghosn's lawyer Junichiro Hironaka has, meanwhile, slammed Japan's judicial system as being akin to "hostage justice".

No date has been set for Ghosn's trial as yet.

Ghosn was the architect of the alliance between Nissan and French carmaker Renault, and brought Mitsubishi on board in 2016. He was arrested last week while on bail.

After his November arrest, he spent 108 days in a detention centre in Tokyo before being released on bail of around $9m on March 6, emerging from incarceration dressed in a workman's uniform and face mask in an apparent bid to avoid the media.

"This is about a plot, this is about conspiracy, this is about backstabbing", he said, according to Reuters.

In the video, recorded before his re-arrest last week, the former chairman of Nissan repeated his claims of innocence and claimed credit for 20 years of success at the company.

"If you are listening to me through this video today, it means that I was not able to make the press conference that I planned for April 11", he says in the segment.

The seven-minute clip was, however, edited by his legal team to remove the names of people Mr. Ghosn accused of treachery due to legal concerns.

Prosecutors took the highly unusual step of re-arresting Ghosn last week on fresh allegations that he used company funds to enrich himself to the tune of $5 million (557 million yen).

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They suspect around $5m of these funds were syphoned off for Ghosn's use, including for the purchase of a luxury yacht and financing personal investments.

The new charges - following a $9m bail after four months behind bars - claim Ghosn enriched himself with Nissan money and caused the vehicle manufacturer $5m (£3.8m) in damages.

There has been huge worldwide and Japanese media interest in his case that has shocked and surprised many from the beginning, the AFP reported.

The Ghosn arrest story has produced so many twists and turns that we've nearly become accustomed to it as the industry's background noise (not unlike the emissions scandal, it appears to be rumbling interminably on and on).

His rearrest came just days after news that Renault, which Ghosn also once headed, had handed French prosecutors documents showing suspicious transfers worth millions of euros authorised by the auto industry tycoon. The bullet he saves for the third point: "This is a conspiracy".

She told a French newspaper she had been forced to flee Tokyo with support from the French ambassador and was able to use her United States passport after having to surrender her Lebanese one to prosecutors. She said she hopes Macron will help her husband win release from the Tokyo Detention House.

He was replaced by Renault chairman Jean-Dominique Senard.

To start the extraordinary meeting, Hiroto Saikawa, Nissan's CEO, bowed in apology.