IOS 13 to have dark mode, undo gesture, multiple windows on iPad

IOS 13 to have dark mode, undo gesture, multiple windows on iPad

People familiar with upcoming iOS development has revealed exclusive details about the new iOS 13 to 9to5Mac. This includes a system-wide Dark mode, multitasking improvements on the iPad, an improved Mail app, and more. Apple is also likely to improve the "Hey Siri" rejection on iOS 13 to avoid accidental wake up instances for its voice assistant.

Messenger's dark mode provides lower brightness while maintaining contrast and vibrancy. Another significant change in the new iOS 13 would finally get rid of obtrusive volume slider that shows up on the center of the screen every time you change it, which has been quite annoying in Apple devices on the whole.

Facebook has been widely testing Messenger's dark mode for about a month now, and while the feature might have been available for everyone, you couldn't enable it from the settings menu.

There will be a lot of iPad-specific changes in iOS 13, including the ability for apps to have multiple windows.

Each window will also be able to contain sheets that are initially attached to a portion of the screen, but can be detached with a drag gesture, becoming a card that can be moved around freely, similar to what an open-source project called "PanelKit" could do.
Cards can be flung away to dismiss them. Earlier only Undo typing has been available which required a physical shaking of the iPhone to enable the feature, which was certainly awkward. You'll swipe with three fingers in the keyboard area - left to undo, right to redo.

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Safari on iOS 13 for iPad will automatically ask for the desktop version of a site instead of the mobile version as well, including YouTube and others.

Then there's also font management that's expected to improve the text interface of both phone and tablets. Mails found in the app can be categorized via specific sections such as marketing, purchases, travel, and even "not important" among others. You'll also get a "read later" queue.

It is also said that Apple is aiming to bring easy collaboration to third-party document-based apps. "Users will be able to drag with multiple fingers on a list or collection of items to draw a selection, similar to clicking and dragging in Finder on the Mac", the report claims.

Developers would be able to use a different status bar style, including light or dark, for each side of an in-app split view.