Karma as suspected poacher is trampled by elephants then eaten by lions

Karma as suspected poacher is trampled by elephants then eaten by lions

A poacher was allegedly killed after being trampled by an elephant and his remains later eaten by a pride of lions before being recovered by park rangers in Kruger National Park in South Africa on April 4.

All that was left of the man was a pair of tattered trousers and his skull.

A spokesperson for South African National Parks said that they were assisted by an airwing to search for his remains.

Ranger Don English led the team out again at first light on Wednesday having reassured the distraught poacher's family he would do his best to recover the body.

"During this search ... the remains of a body were discovered", South African National Parks said in a statement.

According to Mr English: 'Indications found at the scene suggested that a pride of lions had devoured the remains leaving only a human skull and a pair of trousers'.

Skukuza police were notified immediately with investigations into the incident ongoing.

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KNP managing executive Glenn Phillips said there was evidence to suggest the father who died entered the park illegally and on foot.

The victim's four alleged accomplices are now in custody and will "appear in court in due course", the park service added.

Recalling the story the group described how an angry elephant surprised them as they stalked endangered rhino and stamped their friend to death giving them a chance to run for safety.

Local police have arrested three of the man's accomplices and seized two.375 hunting rifles and ammunition.

Meanwhile, his three accomplices he was allegedly poaching with in the park have also been arrested.

"Upon their appearance, the court remanded them in custody and will reappear at the same court on 12 April 2019, pending a formal bail application".