MacOS 10.15 Will Include Standalone Music, Podcasts, Books, and TV Marzipan Apps

MacOS 10.15 Will Include Standalone Music, Podcasts, Books, and TV Marzipan Apps

Other design changes include more prominent podcast cover art, more accurate podcast rating numbers, and individual click-through pages for each podcast episode featuring full-show descriptions. 9to5Mac today confirmed the rumor, sharing further details about Apple's plans.

No need for iTunes just to listen to your favorite shows on Apple Podcasts.

Last week, we reported on a hint that Apple may be breaking up iTunes, and now that possibility is looking even more likely.

The Cupertino tech giant came up with a new update of its conventional web interface for the Podcasts.

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The much-hated media management software will reportedly be split up into separate Music, TV, and Podcasts apps with the next version of MacOS, according to 9to5Mac and Steve Troughton-Smith.

Sources suggest that the Music app would be primarily focused on offering a home for the Apple Music service, separate from the increasingly outdated and unpopular umbrella application. Besides that, the iTunes branding doesn't align with Apple Podcasts on iOS, which is probably how most users listen on their iPhones or iPads. Judging exclusively by the design, the leaked Podcasts and Apple TV icons match the iOS ones but offer a more rounded approach. It will apparently offer a greatly improved listening experience for all podcast listeners, as the current experience is underwhelming in iTunes.

Apple was the company that first gave podcasts their name, but since then it hasn't really made them first class citizens on its platforms. Have you tried them on your Mac?