Meet Currents, Google+ Replacement for G Suite Users

Meet Currents, Google+ Replacement for G Suite Users

Rather than revamp Google Plus, Google has chose to launch a completely new application with brand new features and a clean design.

Now that Google+ is history, today, Google unveiled what will be offered to G Suite users in its place: Currents. Google also adds all the existing content of Google+ will automatically get transferred to Currents once the user enrolls for the beta.

The next set of updates are all about helping organizations to work smarter, first of all through an extension of Google's Cloud Search tool. Later, Google retired Play Newsstand to launch Google News. Thanks to the tech giant, Google+ is being replaced by Currents, the newest G Suite app. While Gmail had chat integrated, Hangout Chat is G Suite's more robust Slack alternative, and users will be able to access it from their desktops. Google Assistant has worked with Calendar for a while, but only on personal accounts. Hangouts has been slowly dying for years at this point, and Google's last major change to the service was a rethinking of what it could be as a business utility. Voice also features artificial intelligence capabilities that can help to transcribe voicemail messages and block spam calls.

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G Suite also expanded its compatibility with Microsoft Office with the new "Office editing" feature for Docs, Sheets and Slides, allowing users to work on Office files without needing to convert files. Google still has the code and is resurrecting the service into Google Currents.

Google began shutting down the consumer version of Google+ on April 2nd, but the enterprise version is getting new life as Google Currents, along with a new look and feel. An interesting aspect of this is that where Google+ was partly defeated in the social media stakes by Facebook, in the re-configurated form Google+ will continue to compete with Facebook, albeit against the enterprise version of Facebook, which is called "Workplace".