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Palestinian Authority Swears in New, Unelected Government

Palestinian Authority Swears in New, Unelected Government

Ishtayeh's appointment by Abbas is expected to deepen the rift between the Fatah-party dominated Palestinian Authority, which governs areas of the West Bank, and Hamas, the Islamic militant group that rules the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian government ministers were sworn in for a second time on Sunday after a lawyer noticed that the oath they took the day before had been missing a phrase.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas urged the new government "to fight the [Israeli] occupation with all legal means".

Abbas's decision comes after forming a new government, which has ended the role of the national unity government, of which Hamas took part in its formation.

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The rival Hamas group that runs Gaza called the move blow to unity efforts that faltered since the two groups signed a new reconciliation deal in Cairo in October 2017, but disputes over power-sharing had blocked the implementation of the agreement. "I will communicate with the journalists and give them the frank, true and clear information and answer the hard questions", he added.

Palestinian leaders said Israel was being empowered by US President Donald Trump to "violate national and human rights of the people of Palestine", Reuters reported.

Abbas also conveyed Palestinians' dismissal of the peace proposal since it excludes Jerusalem, saying "therefore, we don't want to hear the rest of the plan".

During the first meeting with the new PA government, which sworn in on Saturday, he said: "The coming days will witness very hard developments".