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Pelosi Requested Security Assessment for Rep. Ilhan Omar Amidst Controversy

Pelosi Requested Security Assessment for Rep. Ilhan Omar Amidst Controversy

In her statement, Omar noted Trump would be visiting her home state on Monday for a rally, reports CNN.

Omar, a Somali-American, says it's more than a rhetorical squabble, and that lives, including hers, are at stake.

"Omar's coming in Congress is a big blow to Donald Trump".

The latest provocation is even more transparently fraudulent than the previous efforts.

The comments come a day after the Minnesota Democrat said she's faced increased death threats since Trump spread a video that purports to show her being dismissive of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Trump's comments were the climax of a media attack on the lawmaker, which accused her of indifference towards the attacks. "It has to stop".

Pelosi announced on Sunday that U.S. Capitol Police and the House sergeant-at-arms "are conducting a security assessment to safeguard" Omar, he family and staff.

Pelosi over the weekend insisted the president take down his tweet containing the video.

"There's more of a responsibility for a president to communicate his point of view, which we should respect, he's the president of the United States, whether you agree with him or not, he has a point of view", Pelosi told Recode's Kara Swisher in a recent podcast interview.

How has Ms Omar responded? She added: "The president is absolutely and should be calling out the congresswoman for her, not only one time, but history of anti-Semitic comments".

Omar was speaking last month to a California chapter of CAIR - the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

In her address, Omar had said the CAIR "was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties".

The civil rights group was in fact founded in 1994 but grew significantly after 2001. She won't back down to Trump's racism and hate, and neither will we.

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The featured video snippet of Omar has her saying "some people did something" but omits the full quote and context.

In Minnesota, Trump kept his remarks at a trucking company in Burnsville mostly focused on the 2017 GOP-passed tax cut.

Omar, by contrast, had blasted Trump's top immigration adviser, Stephen Miller, as a "white nationalist".

"First Member of Congress to ever describe terrorists who killed thousands of Americans on 9/11 as 'some people who did something, '" tweeted Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas.

"Here's your something", the New York Post blared on a cover beneath a photograph of the flaming towers. Toobin said during a panel discussion about Omar Monday morning.

Only after public comments noting that her statement made no mention of any threat to Omar did Pelosi issue a second statement, this time from London.

"My love and commitment to our country and that of my colleagues should never be in question".

"The latent threat of violence against a Congresswoman by other members in the a different paradigm something which we have seen in America before".

Omar's office said Sunday she's received multiple death threats since then.

The media and twitter attacks on Omar follow the arrest two weeks ago of a right-wing Trump supporter in NY for threatening physical violence against the Minnesota congresswoman.

"This is endangering lives", Omar said in response to the threats against her.

"When we won this election, it wasn't in districts like mine or Alexandria's", Pelosi said in reference to the November midterms in which the Democrats gained control of the House of Representatives.