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President Trump Says Boeing Should 'Rebrand' the 737 Max After Fatal Crashes

President Trump Says Boeing Should 'Rebrand' the 737 Max After Fatal Crashes

American Airlines announced Sunday that it will extend its cancellations of Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft through the summer months.

Donald Trump has claimed he would be able to fix the troubled Boeing 737 Max and rebrand it after the double air tragedies.

Southwest now has 34 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft in their fleet, and has 246 more aircraft on order with Boeing.

Low-priced carrier Southwest, which unlike its rivals only flies Boeing 737s, had estimated $150 million in lost revenue between February 20 and March 31 alone due to MAX cancellations and other factors.

The plane's grounding has also threatened the US summer travel season, with some airlines removing the 737 from their schedules through August and canceling a number of scheduled flights.

Last week, Boeing investors filed a class-action lawsuit in Chicago alleging Boeing defrauded its shareholders by failing to reveal potential safety shortcomings of the 737 MAX after the two fatal crashes. All on board both planes were killed.

CNBC reported Boeing said Thursday it has completed 96 flights with the new Max software fix.

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The timing of a prolonged grounding could not be worse for Northern Hemisphere carriers.

In a letter to passengers and employees, American said that it was cancelling scheduled services involving the 737 Max "for the peak travel season to provide confidence to our customers and team members when it comes to their travel plans". The FAA have convened a meeting on April 12 with safety representatives of the three US -based airlines that have the Boeing 737 MAX in their fleets, as well as the pilot unions for those airlines.

According to CNBC, the cancellations amount to about 115 flights per day, roughly 1.5 percent of the United States' total flying per day in the summer.

American cancelled 350 flights out of Dallas-Fort Worth on Saturday, but that had nothing to do with the MAX, said spokesman Ross Feinsten.

A decline in seat capacity could mean higher last-minute summer fares, particularly for business class travelers, aviation consultants and analysts said. It earlier removed the Max from its flight schedules through June 5.

United is due to publish first-quarter results on April 16, followed by Southwest on April 25 and American on April 26.