Snapchat releases rebuilt Android app

Snapchat releases rebuilt Android app

The company has previously faced a lot of criticism over the Snapchat experience on Android, and it has reportedly been working for more than a year to finally fix some of those problems. The cute little GIF heralds a new dawn for Android users, who should have automatically received the update yesterday. This arguably helps make iPhones and iPads even more business-centric gadgets, but the programme can be abused with enterprise apps pushed out to consumers, rather than kept for a company's sole internal use.

Snap's re-engineered Android Snapchat app has been created to run on a par with the iOS version. In rebuilding its Android app, Snapchat had to take into consideration the many different cameras and chipsets used on various Android handsets. The new rebuild app is started to roll out to users in some regions and will reach globally soon.

Snapchat is once again trying its hardest to gain back its fellow users, and now the company announced a revamped version of its Android apps that promises better compatibility with Android devices resulting in better performance. It's very easy for us to build an Android app that will work well on flagship devices like the Pixel 3.

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Fortunately, since the significant rework is done, future updates for Snapchat on Android should be simpler and faster going ahead, with new highlights coming at a similar pace as the organization's iOS counterpart.

Launched 5 years ago, Snapchat is a popular AR Effects and messaging service used by Millions of people to make amusing photos and more.

While there are virtually no changes to the actual UI or navigation for Snapchat, the new app should be faster, less laggy, and less buggy than the old version.