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Three killed in aircraft runway accident near Everest

Three killed in aircraft runway accident near Everest

Following the crash, authorities suspended services at Tenzing Hillary Airport at Lukla, the gateway to Mount Everest.

Reports say the plane skidded off the runway to the right and hit the helicopter that had just landed from Kathmandu - cutting it in two. "Another police officer died in a hospital in Kathmandu". It has been reported that the Summir Air plane was en route to Kathmandu from Lukla.

'The plane slipped towards the helipad during take-off and collided with two helicopters. Meanwhile, Assistant Sub-Inspector Rudra Bahadur Shrestha who was also on the ground was airlifted to Grande Hospital before succumbing to injuries at the Hospital.

The plane crashed into two helicopters, parked some 30 metres from the runway, the official added.

Hundreds of foreign climbers head to Mount Everest in April during the commercial expedition season, which lasts until May.

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Because of the extreme danger of flying in the mountains of Nepal, does not safety rate any airlines or helicopter companies in the country.

The airport - called the gateway to Mount Everest - is one of the world's most risky because of the short runway and the mountainous surroundings.

The Tenzing-Hillary Airport sits at an elevation of just over 9,000 feet. In February, a helicopter carrying seven people including the country's tourism minister crashed in bad weather in eastern Nepal, killing seven all on board.

Nepal has been criticised for poor safety measures, with the European Union denying Nepalese airlines access to its airspace since 2013.