Trump to give ‘incredible’ Woods top medal

Trump to give ‘incredible’ Woods top medal

Donald Trump is giving his good friend Tiger Woods one of this nation's highest honors following his victory at the 2019 Masters: The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Woods captured his fifth green jacket Sunday and his first major victory in 11 years, prompting congratulations from both Trump and his predecessor, president Barack Obama.

Trump tweeted Monday that he spoke to Woods and congratulated him on "the great victory" and "to inform him that because of his incredible Success Comeback in Sports (Golf) and, more importantly, LIFE, I will be presenting him with the PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM!"

In 2017, he underwent a spinal fusion surgery, and was later arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

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Woods is not the first professional golfer to earn the Medal of Freedom.

Previous recipients include Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Jesse Owens, Billie Jean King and fellow golfers Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. Trump himself awarded the Medal of Freedom to Babe Ruth, Alan Page, and Roger Staubach just a year ago, and Barack Obama awarded it to Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Willie Mays, among others, during his presidency.

And Trump tweeted about the Masters several times over the weekend, writing on Sunday afternoon that Woods was "a truly Great Champion!" In 2018, he gave medals to football players Roger Staubach and Alan Page and a posthumous award to baseball player Babe Ruth.

"Well, he's the President of the United States", Woods said.