"What Have They Found?" ESO to Reveal Epic Black-Hole Discovery

Gopal Narayanan at the University of MA said in 2017, 'These are the observations that will help us to sort through all the wild theories about black holes.

The excitement is growing about the series of the press conference, as they could well announce a photograph-breaking the new ground in our understanding of the universe. This will be the first time humans will be able to "see" a black hole which lies in the center of the Milky Way or the elliptical Messier 87 galaxy.

Next week, the European Southern Observatory is going to make a big announcement, and no one is sure exactly what it's going to be. Humanity might be about to see a black hole for the first ever time. The odd entities are unimaginably-dense objects with gravitational pulls so intense that nothing - even light - can escape their grasp. While scientist knows a bit about black holes, and have known one exists at the center of our galaxy since the '70s, there are no pictures of black holes to study.

They've captured our imaginations for decades, but we've never actually photographed a black hole before - until now.

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Literally, black holes are invisible space- they absorb all the electromagnetic radiations. BLACK HOLE HUNTERS will bring viewers into the laboratories, behind the computer screens and beside the telescopes of what may prove to be one of the great astrophysical achievements in the history of mankind. The ESO announced that there would be a press conference about the recent discovery that is set to take place on April 10th at 15:00 CEST.

The main press conference will be held in Brussels on 3 April, with other conferences expected to be held in Chile, Shanghai, Japan, Taipei, and the United States. According to the advance statement, the researchers will be discussing the "first result from the Event Horizon Telescope".

The black hole the Event Horizon Telescope is aiming at is 26,000 light years from Earth, so it's normally the size of a pinprick in the night sky. It will be available on YouTube.