Apple iPhone 2019 Flagship Feature Leaked: Check Out!

Apple iPhone 2019 Flagship Feature Leaked: Check Out!

But the iPhone 11R news doesn't end there, as Mac Otakara is out with a report of its own. The handset was supposed to launch last month but in addition to being a terribly ugly handset, it also ended up being a piece of junk. The International Business Times previously reported that the 2019 iPhone XR is going to have a dual-camera setup at the back.

Rumored to be called the iPhone XI and XI Max, the 2019 versions of Apple's flagship smartphones are expected to feature a triple-lens rear camera, a new frosted glass back, and a more impressive front camera, but what else could Apple do to improve its smartphone and deliver the ultimate iPhone to its loyal customers?

Apple might be loath to discuss its future iPhone plans, but that isn't stopping the rumor mill from churning out reports.

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Of course, these leaked renders are from official, meaning we can still cling to the hope that the iPhone 11 will look nothing like this when it eventually arrives later in the year. The cases will reportedly be available in White, Black, (PRODUCT) RED, Lilac, Spearmint, and Mellow Yellow (all of which are now available for the iPhone XS and XS Max). Multiple sources have claimed that the new iPhone models will feature reverse wireless charging like Samsung's Galaxy S10 phones, which is pretty nifty. With all that in mind, we have two recent leaks to tell you about on Monday morning that should help allay any doubt that the leaks we've seen so far are accurate. Fans of these new colors will love the new 6.1-inch 2019 iPhone when it's released soon.

"Apple has one of the most significant exposures to Chinese exports to the USA in our IT Hardware coverage group, given final assembly for many of its consumer electronic devices is located in China", Huberty wrote in a note last week.

We still don't know what the phones will actually be called, but considering how early we knew the names of both the iPhone XS and iPhone XR past year, it's only a matter of time before these leak as well.