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Chelsea Manning jailed again after refusing to testify against WikiLeaks

Chelsea Manning jailed again after refusing to testify against WikiLeaks

She had been held in contempt by the grand jury after refusing to testify for the court's ongoing investigation into WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. I would rather starve to death than to change my opinions in this regard. Manning previously served 63 days in the cooler for refusing to talk, 28 of which were in solitary confinement.

Manning, 31, served two months in the Alexandria, Va., city jail earlier this year, and was freed only when the grand jury investigating Assange expired.

"I'm not going to comply with this grand jury", she told journalists outside the Alexandria courthouse before the hearing. In addition to being in jail, the judge ordered Manning to start paying 500 dollars per day in fines after 30 days in jail and one thousand dollars per day after 69 days.

"Simply put, Ms. Manning has not spent enough time in jail to arrive at the time" where she could argue that she can't be coerced into testifying, prosecutor Thomas Traxler said.

"I've read the indictment and the affidavit that came with the indictment" against Assange, Manning said on Thursday, "and the case doesn't make sense, it seems kind of bananas".

The indictment against Assange alleges that he conspired with Manning to try to crack a password stored on U.S. Defense Department computers connected to a classified government data network.

"There's nothing new", Manning said Thursday during a press conference before her court hearing in Alexandria.

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USA prosecutors are seeking the extradition of Assange from the United Kingdom, where he is serving a 50-week jail term for skipping bail, to face charges of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion.

During the hearing, US District Judge Anthony Trenga said it was "unfortunate we're at this point", but that, despite Manning's pleadings otherwise, he believed further jail time might still prove coercive. "It is telling that the United States has always been more concerned with the disclosure of those documents than with the damning substance of the disclosures". Obama commuted Manning's sentence just days before leaving office.

She went on to say that the Trump administration was "obsessed with unwinding Obama's legacy, from health care to Chelsea's commutation".

In a statement Thursday, Manning's attorney Moira Meltzer-Cohen said she was "disappointed" in Trenga's decision to detain her client, but did not expect Manning to change course in her refusal to testify.

"The only thing that is being asked of her is to come answer questions truthfully", he said. Swedish prosecutors have reopened an inquiry into rape allegations against him and are seeking to extradite Assange to Sweden.

Manning, whose arrest was confirmed by members of her support committee, was detained after refusing to answer questions concerning her past association with WikiLeaks.